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MANNY - The MALE NANNY everybody wants...

A "manny" provided by Royal Nannies will be highly experienced male candidate (minimum of 5 years of childcare experience) and may also hold childcare qualifications. Our big buddies have been interviewed, CRB checked and have had their references verified so we feel confident in providing you with the very best male carer for your little ones.


Live-in or Live-out Manny?

"Manny" - male nanny positions can either be sole charge where both parents are working or shared charge, where the male nanny works alongside a parent. You can also have your manny as a live-in or a live-out carer. Its entirely up to you - if you decide to go for the live-in option, you will need to provide the weekly food and accomodation for your manny.

What are the standard working hours for "Mannies"?

  • Full time mannies live out - 10 hours a day, (Monday to Friday, usually 8am – 6pm)
  • Full time live in mannies - 10-12hours a day (M-F)
  • Part time mannies – hours to be agreed between you and your manny


How much would a male nanny - "manny" cost me?

  • £10 an hour for live out mannies
  • £350 for live in mannies


From Media:

Working professionals females are very keen to hire "mannies" to look after their children rather than bring an attractive young nanny into their house, as shown in the results of our recent survey.

Experts always wanted to see more men to work in childcare, assuming that children would surely benefit from exposure to a wider range of positive role models. For the child of a single mum, , a male nanny may sometime be the only possible male role model.

“Their qualifications, references, a criminal records check, experience and a face-to-face interview are crucial in appointing a quality nanny - male or female.”