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HOW WE WORK - The Nanny Employment process

Once you’ve decided what type of childcare you need (daily, live in, bilingual etc) you need to register your vacancy online by filling our family registration form. This will submit our T&Cs and your information will be carefully reviewed by a member of our staff who will then contact you directly to discuss your specific requirements.

We at Royal Nannies work on matching basis, so only candidates that completely match your family’s requirements will be shortlisted for you.


We carefully listed to your requirements, then will assess each family’s needs and the environment in which their nanny will function. We also advise on scheduling and help define the nanny's role within the family..



This data is matched to our nanny profiles, and appropriate nannies are selected for the family to interview. We help set up interviews, can offer selection of interview questions and review the impressions of both family and nannies.



When a family feels comfortable with a nanny and decides to offer her the job, we can help draft a work agreement to make sure no key consideration has been overlooked. Once the Nanny has accepted the offer, she is directly employed by the family.


Step 4 - FOLLOW UP

The final step is follow-up. After placement of our nanny, we contact both family and our candidate to assess the working relationship. We offer post-placement support so whatever your concerns, we will be here to help you. We also introduce our London nannies to others in her area, creating support groups where they can meet other childminders and share ideas.